Pipeline Services

IMG_7013Working with pipeline infrastructure is at the core of what we do at Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting, With in-house engineering, maintenance, and construction capabilities, we understand the details of pipeline systems, how they are designed and constructed, problems that age and use may cause, and remediation techniques; all of which informs our understanding of the importance of accurate cleaning, inspection, and assessment techniques.

Our pipeline cleaning and inspection service unit was created as an offshoot of our long-term vac truck and stormwater inspection services.  Having jetted and inspected miles of stormwater systems, a natural evolution has been to perform similar services on other pipelines including wastewater systems.  

IMG_9382The SMC Pipeline Services group is equipped with state-of-the-art and redundant Cues camera hardware and Granite NAASCO PACP compatible software running on on-board computers, all with 4 wheel drive capabilities.

As existing infrastructure specialists, we are used to meeting the challenges of highly constrained infrastructure.  Our experience includes unique pipeline assignments, from short stormwater barrels through entire municipal system inspections staged over several years.  With a client-focused culture we customize cleaning and inspection programs to fit the needs of each client.

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