Vac Service

Maintaining Underground Stormwater Facility (click to enlarge)

Underground stormwater treatment units are important for keeping sediment, trash, oil and other pollutants out of the natural environment. Because they are effective, they do require periodic cleaning to continue functioning properly. Stormwater Maintenance, LLC has the equipment and expertise to clean any type of unit and properly dispose of the materials.

Our vac capabilities also allow us to clean inlets and catch basins, jet and clean out pipelines, remove clogs or perform post construction cleanings of drainage systems.

Pipe Jetting
All of our vac trucks are combination units that allow high pressure jetting of underground pipe systems.  This can be used to free clogs, prepare pipes for remediation such as re-lining, or before video pipeline inspections.

Buried utility uncovered using hydro-excavation

The hydro-excavation capabilities of our vac equipment allows fast, accurate and non-damaging excavation near, or the location of underground utilities. This is a very safe method of excavating utilities, as compared to traditional methods.

Clean up
Our vac equipment allows for efficient removal and transport of wet or dry materials. Significant cost and time savings can be realized for sediment removal, final site cleanups, and unique material removal situations such as disaster recovery. We can handle any type of non-hazardous material and we ensure proper disposal.

Roll-off tankers add flexibility

We use the latest equipment that enables us to meet the needs of all aspects of vac work.  Included in our fleet is a Camel vac truck that has exclusive on-truck dewatering capabilities that can significantly reduce both time and disposal costs.  We are equipped with multiple vac trucks, roll-off containers and tanker capabilities to expedite operations.